How do I choose the right bed from COMFY ZONE for me?

A bed that’s supportive and comfortable is the key. But it is important to remember that people’s requirement for support will differ depending on their weight and build. Our beds are designed to deliver correct body support, superb levels of comfort and the promise of a perfect night’s sleep.

I have a bad back what do you recommend?

There is no single right bed to ease a back problem and additionally, each different back problem may require a different solution. Look for a supportive rather than a hard bed. Do not assume that orthopedic or firmer beds are the best option. Often a medium firm bed with proper cushioning is better.

Does it make a difference what type of divan I have?

The performance and feel of your mattress is very dependent on the quality of support given to it by your divan. We offer a choice of divans, all of which will provide both you and your mattress with first class long lasting support.
Platform Bases provide a firmer foundation. Firm Edge Base gives the base a medium firm feel. Sprung Edge Bases feature a complete spring unit on top of the base.

What storage options are available?

Our drawer divans offer spacious, discreet storage without any compromise on comfort or feel. Our space saving Guest Beds feature an under bed which is pulled out on easy running castors and lifted to the same height as the main bed by unfolding the self locking, Lift and lock legs under the base, transforming from a single to double or a twin.

Does the base need to be replaced with the mattress?

The Sleep Council recommends changing your bed, the mattress and divan, every 7 years. After this length of time, the springs in the base will have softened due to their constant use. Placing a new mattress onto an old base will dramatically increase the wear on the new mattress, and affect its guarantee.

What is the expected life of a bed?

The Sleep Council advise not to wait until your bed becomes uncomfortable or damaged before replacing it as by this time sleep quality may already have been affected. A good quality bed will last for around 7 years, it is important that your bed is judged on how comfortable and supportive it still is rather than on its age.

Is it true that the bigger the bed the better?

Yes! The Sleep Council recommends you buy the biggest bed that will fit into your bedroom. Disturbance from a partner is one of the most common of sleeping complaints and is largely eliminated in bigger beds. The larger the bed, the more room there is to move about (research shows that we toss and turn as many as 60 to 70 times a night) and you are less likely to disturb each other’s sleep.

Can Comfy Zone mattresses be used on a slatted bed base?

Yes, the majority of our mattresses can be used on a slatted base.

I still have more questions, can you help?

if you still have more questions or not sure about something then please do not hesitate to contact us.