Metal Beds – A Short Buying Guide

Metal Beds – A Short Buying Guide

Along with other furniture items, Metal beds have always been a popular choice in the market. Because they blend visual appeal and versatility of design with high functionality, practicality and durability, over time metal beds have won the appreciation of many different categories of buyers. However, with so many manufacturers and retailers offering such products these days, the task of identifying the best quality and choosing a suitable article of furniture of the kind can be daunting at times.

In order to make sure you will be getting the best value for your money, before buying a metal headboard or frame for your bedroom, consider guiding your decision based on the selection criteria proposed and discussed in the following section of this article.

• Quality Design and Good Structural Strength

Metal beds have many advantages and are generally a good investment, but only as long as they are built in accordance with existing quality standards. That said, to find out if a particular bed is worth buying, do an overall assessment of quality, check for any visible signs of damage or manufacturing defects, and check whether the hinges are welded properly.

• No Need for Maintenance

Next, inquire whether the metal bed you are considering buying requires any type of maintenance. Ideally, you should opt for something sturdy and durable that needs no special reconditioning work, especially if kept in a corresponding, neutral environment. To prevent premature aging of the protective paint and metal itself, a good idea would be to opt for a finish with a textured coating, preferably a powder coat. This not only looks great, but also prolongs the service life of metal-based articles of furniture considerably.

• A Convenient Warranty Certificate

When buying a new metal bed, make sure it comes with a warranty certificate, which should at least cover the parts of the bed that are particularly prone to wear and tear (hinges, welding points and other bonds). For a good level of protection, opt for a frame that offers a ten-year warranty and carefully read the details specified in the certificate to rule out the existence of any hidden or ambiguous clauses that could work in your disadvantage.

• Mixed Material Beds Require a More Careful Examination

When buying metal beds that also include wooden parts, don’t forget to inspect the state of the wood too. Check the type and quality of the wood used, and see that the joints where the metal touches the wood are strong enough to ensure a long service life. While at this step, also check the quality of the finish applied on the wooden parts of the bed.

• Don’t Use the Size of the Price Tag to Gauge the Quality of the Product

When it comes to articles of furniture, and not only, the costs factor is rarely an accurate indicator of quality, so don’t be fooled into thinking that an expensive metal bed will automatically guarantee a better level of execution and a higher durability. On the flipside though, don’t expect an absolute bargain to offer good quality either. The only way to determine whether a particular metal bed is a good investment is to purchase it from a reputable retailer, perform a thorough inspection of its parts before buying it, and make sure it comes with a convenient and long warranty.

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