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4 Ways in Which a Leather Bed Could Help Mend Your Romantic Life
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 Single 3ft Hades Mattress

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 Joseph Bubbles Memory Foam 1500 Pocket Sprung 6ft Super King Siz

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 6ft Faux Suede Headboard - Oblong

Sure, a headboard can complete a bedroom, add style to a less fashionable bed and even update that colour scheme thats been looking a little borin...

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 Deep Sleep Gold 2000 4ft Small Double Divan

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 Single Wooden Bed Frame - Santiago

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 Julian Bowen Inca 4ft6 Double Satin Black Metal Dark Oak Bed

Product Description: The Inca bed features dark wooden legs and dark tubular metal with curved detailing on the headbo...

Welcome To Comfyzone
We are based in bradford west yorkshire, Our showroom is located in BD7 which is approx 2 miles from M606 and approx 1 mile from city centre. In our showroom you will find that we have over 100 carpet rolls on display, over 30 rolls of cushion floor on display and loads of different type of laminate/ woodflooring.

When we talk of leather beds, one thing must be kept in mind. A leather bed can not be made entirely of leather. There has to be a combination with more durable items so that the bed doesnt just fall apart when people decide to rest their frames on it. The main backbone of the bed should be made of the traditional items like wood or metals. Leather should be added to provide an aesthetic appeal. As a result, the leather can be used in headboards and mattresses. The most modern beds also use leather in the frames.

The earliest humans slept on the floor. One fine day, someone decided to rest on some grass covering and immediately discovered that a grass bed was much more comfortable than lying down on the hard floor. Hence came the concept of beds and since then, humans have always preferred lying on beds to rest their bodies. The initial beds were made of grass and straw and covered with animal hides. Gradually, other materials found their use in the making of beds. Ironically, the leather beds that have become a fashion statement these days were used when humans invented beds.

When the modern human being started sleeping on the beds, wood was a major element in creating the bed. Later on, elements like steel and other metals were used to make beds. Metallic beds were decidedly more affordable than wooden beds. But the human mind has always been innovating. As a result, to suit the tastes of the rich and famous, the bed makers always came up with something new. The latest in the line of innovation are leather beds.
When we talk of leather beds, one thing must be kept in mind. A leather bed can not be made entirely of leather. There has to be a combination with more durable items so that the bed doesnt just fall apart when people decide to rest their frames on it. The main backbone of the bed should be made of the traditional items like wood or metals. Leather should be added to provide an aesthetic appeal. As a result, the leather can be used in headboards and mattresses. The most modern beds also use leather in the frames.
There are many companies these days that make leather beds. These beds have become some sort of fashion and people dont mind paying for good leather beds. When we say good leather beds, we mean that the leather used in these days is of the highest order and not some ordinary stuff. As with any other item, the more someone is willing to pay, the better is the quality of the leather bed. Moreover, since more and more people are now willing to pay for leather beds, albeit within a budget, these companies almost always offer attractive deals and discounts so that the leather bed manages to come out of the bedrooms of the rich and the famous and enters the bedrooms of more ordinary mortals.
When buying a leather bed, the first thing that has to be kept in mind is whether someone is not trying to make some good money by using foam on the beds and passing them as leather. Foam is a cheap substitute for leather and someone really has to know how to differentiate between the two to make sure they get genuine leather beds.
Sleeping on a leather bed is a great feeling. The embrace of good leather and the smell of it are bound to turn anyone on. Even if one has to dish out a few extra bucks when the opportunity comes to buy a good leather bed, it proves to be a good investment in the long run.

If the term metal beds makes you think of youthful times spent in summer camp bunk beds, or some uncomfortable rack in a military barracks, its time to think again!

Metal beds are trendy, sturdy, and beautiful and they work with any dcor. From adult rooms to childrens, spare room to a den, theres a perfect metal bed design for every taste and budget.

Metal Beds Were Good for the Pharaoh and Theyre Good For You, Too!
History records tell us that the first metal beds appeared in the days of Ancient Egypt. Common people slept on hay, piles of leaves or wooden slats. However, Egypts ruling families opted for the strength, richness and prestige of metal beds.

What Is A Metal Bed?

Chances are you have a metal bed frame that holds your box spring and mattress. But it takes more than that to qualify as a metal bed.
A true metal bed does have a metal frame, but its the addition of a metal headboard and, perhaps, a metal footboard that converts a bed from commoners style to one thats fit for a Pharaoh and his Queen.
Iron is the metal of choice for metal beds, followed by tubular steel. Both metals are strong and can be painted with a variety of scratch- and rust-resistant specialty coatings in a nearly endless array of colors.
Wrought Iron in filigree patterns is frequently used to add a decorative touch to the headboard and footboard. However, posts and bars are popular choices as well.

What About Workmanship?

Metal beds get their sturdiness from both the actual metals used in their construction as well as from the way the bed is manufactured and assembled. Solid welds fuse portions of the bed together, while sturdy bolts typically attach head and footboards to the frame. And, of course, since metal is practically indestructible, you can expect years of solid service from most new metal beds.

What If Your Tastes Change?

Changed your color scheme? No problem. Metal beds can easily be repainted using materials available at any home center.
If your new dcor goes beyond a change in color palette, you can leverage the value of your existing metal bed by simply ordering replacement head and footboards in a design to match your new look.

But Are Metal Beds Worth The Investment?

According to the metal bed experts at, a leading online retailer of metal and traditional beds, furniture and accessories, Metal beds hold their value for years thanks to their strength, durability and beauty.
Metal bed prices are in line with the prices youll find on other quality bedroom furniture but deliver a far greater return on your investment thanks to their unusually long lifespan and the fact that they adapt so easily to any dcor.

Beauty You Have To See To Believe

Its difficult to explain exactly how or why metal beds can easily become the focal point of any room. In fact, to appreciate the true beauty of metal beds, you need to see them for yourself.

Dining Tables:
When choosing a dining table, it is first important to consider how much space is available in your room where you want the dining table and how many people you will typically be serving.

The following 2 essential things need to be considered:

Dining Table Shape - Its shape is the most important since it affects the space in your unique dining room.
Dining Table Size: Take note of sizing details before buying and decorating the dining room.

You can select the right dining table with the following guide:

Wooden Dining Tables:
Ages beautifully and scratches fade away naturally, hard-wearing, long-lasting, unpolished wood has anti-bacterial properties and you get a wide choice of finishes.

Glass Dining Tables:
These are modern and sophisticated, easy to clean and its transparency promotes a sense of space.

Please feel free to browse through our website and if there is anything you want that you can't see on here or need any help, then please contact us and we will do our optimum to provide you with the best solution possible.

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Oval Dining Table + 4 Chairs- Corfu
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 Double Black Divan Base in Faux Leather-Many colours available
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 4ft6 White Leather Bed with Leopard Inserts
4ft6 White Leather Bed with Leopard Inserts